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Important Guidelines for the Repair and Maintenance of Your Fence

The fence is usually the first line of defense against either burglars or wild animals. For this reason, you have to ensure that your fence is well maintained and repaired if you wish for it to perform its function well. A fence that is well cared for is not just a protection for you, but also a way of beautifying the home and making it presentable. Erecting a fence is not just enough. Regular repair and maintenance will guarantee that the fence serves you for longer. Some useful tips are outlined below to help you on how to care for the fence around your homestead.

The first step is to get rid of all animals or insects that may have nested in or on the fence. Fences normally provide goods grounds for insects and other small animals to nest. Wasps, bees, hornets and also small rodents are some of the animals that may be at home on the fence. Such animals may make it dangerous to live in the homestead if they are not removed at once if they are discovered. Make a point of always identifying and getting rid of these animals before you go ahead with any other repair tasks on your fence. You will only be assured of protection from such animals if you carry out this task.

Replace or repair broken pieces. It’s always advisable that you either repair or replace any damaged parts of the fence as soon as you have identified them. Natural elements such as rain and wind, wild animals or even people can contribute to the damage of the fence poles. Ensure that once discovered, the broken poles are fixed immediately so as to restore security around your compound.

Apply paint to your fence. For those who have dead fences constructed either from wood, plastic or metallic material, painting it is a sure way of protecting it from destructive animals and insects. Apart from protection, painting your fence will also greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your home. Painting forms a protective layer that coats iron and prevents it from rusting, thereby by increasing its lifespan. It also ensures that destructive insects such as the termites are unable to access the wood for the wooden fences.

Application of pesticides. The chemicals applied onto surfaces to get rid of bugs are referred to as insecticides. Wooden fences are highly susceptible to attack by termites that destroy the poles. The application of insecticide will ensure that such bugs are killed before they gain access to the wood and damage it. Doing this will increase the longevity of your fence.

You will also have to consider oiling the hinges fence gates. Rusting usually happens to the hinges faster because they are exposed to the conditions of weather. Oiling the hinges will keep the rust at bay and guarantee that they function well for a long time.

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