What You Should Know About Resistors This Year

What is a Transistor Used For?

Nearly all electronic equipment, be they large or small, use multiple transistors. You, most likely, do not know what transistors are unless you are an electronic technician or have an interest in the technical bit of electronics. Transistors are very small components that play a critical role in the transmission of signal on an electronic circuit board. Sometimes, a power surge can make the transistors blow up and leave your equipment not functioning. You will need to take the electronic item to a qualified technician to diagnose any problems it has as well as change any transistors, capacitors, diodes or other electronic components that may be faulty.

All electronic equipment receive electronic signal through a motherboard or circuit board that is made up of transistors and other components such as diodes and capacitors. The work of transistors is to increase a small input electronic signal to a high output. Electronic gadgets use transistors of different wattages, amperes and voltages. Each transistor is given a part number. You can determine the performance and usage of a transistor based on its part number. For your electronic equipment to work, a technician will have to ensure all transistors in its electric circuit board are working. The same type and part number transistor will have to be used for replacement.

The transistors used for replacement should be long lasting. However, do not think that the ampere, voltage and wattage determines how long a transistor will last. A transistor may have a higher specification but may blow up the first time you switch on your gadget. The only way you can determine the longevity of a transistor is by looking at the manufacturer’s datasheet information. In the datasheet, a technician can read the lifespan of different transistors that can work for your gadget and suggest the best one to use for replacement. Long-lasting transistors come at a higher price than the common transistors.

Overview of Transistors
Billions of transistors are manufactured every year. These components are flexible, reliable and cheap to manufacture. This is why they are usually replaced rather than repaired when they malfunction. However, the billions of transistors that are manufactured are not sold to the end consumer. Most of the transistors are sold to electronic equipment manufacturers who use them in their circuit boards. In a single motherboard, you can find tens of thousands of transistors. The components are important components in a circuit board and work with diodes and capacitors to ensure proper flow or current.

All transistors have three layers that are usually made of a germanium semiconductor material. The manufacturers add some impurities into the layers to make them either positively or negatively charged. The positive or negative attribute of a transistor layer is designated as either “P” or “N” respectively.

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