Laptop Parts You Need to Know About Before Buying

Our computers are made up of different components that are assembled to make one machine.

With time, some of these parts wear off, or newer technology comes out. This prompts you to replace them with efficient ones.

Therefore, It is important to be conversant with the different parts of your laptop. You might find it easier to replace or repair some of these parts just by knowing what they are and what they do. Instead of paying money for someone else to do so.

Here, we will take a look at some of the important parts of our laptops and see why you need to know them and what to consider before replacing them.


Think of this as the brain of your computer; the central processing unit.

Processors are responsible for processing every task on your computer.

Before buying a computer, you need to be aware that computers come with different types of processors.

Processors come in different speeds; the faster they are, the more expensive it will be.

So if you want to multitask effortlessly on your computer or you use your laptop to play games, then you need to get a fast speed processor.

Most laptops come with Intel or AMD processors. Both have decent performance but Intel is said to be more powerful.

Before getting a new laptop, be sure to ask about the processor it uses.

System Memory

For your laptop to perform efficiently and execute programs effortlessly, it requires some memory storage where it will temporarily store information as processing is going on.

These memory storage areas are known as Random Access Memory(RAM).

The RAM in your computer is responsible for the speed at which your computer processes data.

Imagine your RAM as a table surface where you place your processes.

The CPU is responsible for working on these processes but the RAM is where these processes are held.

So the larger the table, the more processes that can be held, meaning more processes that will be executed making your computer faster.

RAM comes in different sizes ranging from 2GB to up to 32GB. The larger the capacity, the faster your computer works but the more expensive it costs.

There are many materials out there that demonstrate how to easily install or replace your computer’s RAM, make sure to check them out.

Hard drives.

This is the part of your computer where all your files; programs, photos, videos, and documents are stored.

The bigger the hard drive is, the more data it can hold. A large size hard drive will allow you to install big programs easily.

There are different types of hard drives that you need to be aware of. Some obtain advantageous properties.

So before replacing or buying a new computer, be sure to investigate the type and storage capacity of the hard drive the computer contains or needs.


I would assume that everyone knows what a battery is and what it is used for. If not, I will still tell you!

Batteries are hardware components found inside a computer responsible for supplying it with power.

There are different types of batteries found in the market.

It is crucial to know about these different battery types since you want a battery that will provide power to your computer for a long while and one that is compatible with it.

Be sure to check out batteries that are compatible with your laptop, because they can be dangerous, catch fire or explode if you are not careful.

One way of doing this is by carefully reading computer shop reviews, especially if you are an online shopper like me.

It will come in handy to help you know about other peoples’ experience with batteries, electronics, and other sorts of gadgets that come with inbuilt batteries.

For instance, if you are questioning, is Coolshop legit? Then from reading its reviews you can tell whether it’s a shop that’s worth spending your money at. After all, we are all after quality products at affordable prices. 


Finally, the screen. Laptop screens are chiefly made out of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens.

This a thin layer of liquid crystal material that uses certain technology to display images on your computer.

This LCD screen provides you with clear images in the best resolution.

By resolution I mean; the images that appear on your screen match with the pixels on your screens– so, every single detail of these images can be seen.

These screens also come in different sizes, if you are more likely to use your laptop to watch movies or play video games, a big screen will do, but if you are more likely to use your laptop for surfing the internet, then a smaller screen will be suitable.