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Some Tips that You Need to Know to Avoid Online Fraud  

In this increasingly advanced technology era, who does not know the internet world? Because after all, a lot of people can take advantage of the online world nowadays. To simply communicate and interact with others, play games, and some even use them for various activities such as buying and selling online. Well on this occasion I will discuss more about tips on avoiding online fraud.


The more widespread buying and selling online, then there can be many crimes in it. Well for those of you who use the internet to buy something, then be careful. Because there could be a lot of swindlers out there. Things you should do from now on are anticipating against online fraud.


Below I will discuss more about tips on avoiding online fraud that can be a guide for you to not be defrauded while doing transaction online.



Tips to Avoid Online Fraud

Actually these tips I specialize for those who still lay or arguably beginners in terms of internet market. Because in fact the market in the virtual world is wider than the market in the real world. In addition, because it does not know each other, it is possible for fraud. As business expert, Danny Boice once said that trust is a mandatory thing that we need when doing business, this of course including the transaction on buying and selling online.


Unlike if it is in the real world, in addition to face to face directly, they the buyer also knows the area where he sells. So if they are deceived can complain by visiting the area of ​​the place. However, although it is very clear, in the real world they are sometimes misguided. Whether directly deceived or deceived by the quality of the goods or services it receives.


Therefore, things you should look for that have been cheated, that is by always keeping and anticipating not to fall into the same hole twice. Well some tips to avoid the following online fraud may be useful for all of you who want to transact online but still hesitant to happen agreement.


  1. Pay attention to the seller’s reputation

For those who like to buy a product or service in a forum, social media, market place, or by using online store website, the thing to note is to look in detail the reputation of the seller. Because, by seeing the detail of the seller’s reputation, then we will be able to know whether they are responsible and trustworthy sellers or not.


There are many ways to see the reputation of the seller. You can check out the sellers who have experienced selling and give satisfaction for those who buy them will have the label “Top seller”. And they also get the predicate of customer satisfaction with testimonials. The more that gives positive feedback, then they will get a good score.


  1. Using DP payment

Using DP payments (Down Payment) or prepayment will avoid online fraud. Because if … Read More...