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4 Reason Why You Should Re-branding

Re-branding your business is not easy. But this could be the best strategy to save your company. There are signs that you can know before deciding to Re-branding. What are they?

The Mission of Your Company Has Changed

The first thing that could be the reason why you have to rebranding is because of the mission. Your changing company mission can be a sign that you have to make changes. Because, the brand that you make will no longer match the mission of this new brand.

The new mission will be more difficult to socialize when you don’t rebrand. The reason, customers or people who have already seen your brand will often associate you with the old brand.

Thus, selling products or services that are completely new to your brand will be more difficult for others to accept. Try to see the big companies that have rebranded, you can learn from them.

For example, the Burberry fashion brand. This brand was once considered a gang wear or clothing used by street children. Now, Burberry is worn by the most expensive women in the world such as Kate Moss or Emma Watson.

The Old Target Market Is Too Old

The second reason you can see is that the target market that was once your target, is now too old. You need to remember that many companies are late to do this.

Although old customers may still be loyal, you also need to pay attention to potential new customers. Your target market does not need to change, just simply rebranding swiftly.

When you are late to realize changes in age and taste of this target market, you will be more difficult when rebranding.

You Want To Launch a New Product

Another reason why you should rebranding is because you want to launch a new product that is completely different from before. Especially if your product does not fit into the current market.

But to launch this new product you also have to think carefully. Is it true that you need a new product by targeting a new market? Or the old market can still be held? Consult your team well for this.

Competitors are Always More Ahead than You

Do you feel that you always lose to competitors? Maybe it’s time you rebranding. It could be that from the beginning you were wrong strategy, or indeed you should target other markets.

Discuss this well with your team. Also make sure that you don’t miss-strategy when Re-branding.

You should also check your competitors’ steps in creating an internet-based marketing strategy. Who knows, their website is indeed better and in fact you only need to change the face of your website to make your marketing strategy smooth again.

LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO Company offers website creation services that are right for your brand with maximum quality. Rather than you have to make your own and it takes more time, just leave the making of this website to the experts.

Rebranding is not an easy and …

Create Your Website as Good as Possible

A good website is a layout that is aligned and balanced in combining several important elements which include design, content, navigation, and functionality. This is one of the important aspects in making a website. Besides that, the website must also be not too complicated, interesting, and of course user friendly that will improve the performance of the website. Before designing a website layout, it is good to know some elements in the website layout. Header Elements, Elements that contain titles and other explanations. Usually, this element is loaded with a website logo, global menus. Navigation Elements, Navigation Elements or website menus that function as access to direct other pages on the web. The Sidebar element, the content supporting element, can be a website feature, a list of other content, advertisements, additional menus, or others. Content Elements, the most important element in the website as the main content of a website. Footer Element, the closing item of the website, can contain other information about the website. And, you need customer opinions too in order to make your website better.

Content that is concise and easy to read

Content is the most important factor to convince users to stay on the website. Delivering fresh, easy-to-read and interactive content is a stepping-stone to making friends’ websites more user-friendly.

Easy to read font

Although complicated styles can be more attractive, using fonts that are better known and easier to read is a better decision. Keep in mind that San Serif fonts are the most widely accepted for online design, and serif fonts are most appropriate for print designs. Also using too many different fonts in the same design will make content less scalable. Underline and thicken keywords or links to make them stand out.

Eliminate broken links

Broken links will be confusing and unprofessional. They bring a negative impression and reduce the credibility of the content. Make sure friends test each link, button and page before launching the site.

Effective navigation means a simplified menu

Having clear and clutter-free navigation is the best thing you can do as a provider of web design services to make your website friendly for visitors. Try to limit the number of menu items as far as possible. Not making too much hassle and configuring the same navigation on each page will make browsing the site very easy.

Speed ​​Up Your Site

Time management is important. Make sure that your website loads time in 4 to 6 seconds. The right speed is an important feature and one of the main reasons why visitors will stop visiting friends’ sites. Not to mention the fact that it greatly influences search engine rankings too.

Limit / avoid large videos, photos, flash and other files

Tempted to make the website more attractive by adding other multimedia, we might ignore the fact that the page becomes heavy and slow to load. Keep this in mind before integrating other audio/video files. Compress to minimize load time. To speed up friends’ websites, a good thing to … Read More...

Why You Need a Website for Your Business


In this modern era, where technology is progressing rapidly, technology has an important role in terms of business progress, both in production and marketing of the business as well. For production, technology is able to help the production process so that it can increase production.

Increase in production results can increase your business income, of course if it supported by efficient marketing. Well, one of examples that technology can help you doing your marketing is through website creation that can help you in terms of product sales or just product introductions. If you are business owner but still do not have your own website, then you need to know why the website is important for your business, here are some reasons.


Your Business Is Always Open

This means that your business can be accessed by potential customers every day, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Unlike your offline office which may open from 8-5, Monday-Friday, your company website will always be open 24 hours a day, 365 days in 1 year. There are many different times in developed countries or developing countries that certainly hamper your business because it is difficult to match the opening time of your offline office with a biological clock of potential buyers in the other countries. With the website, things like this can be overcome, time and distance are no longer the main obstacle.


Reach New Markets with Global Targets

With connecting your business on the Internet, your business is no longer a local business. Your business has the potential to be reached by hundreds or even thousands of millions of international visitors. Have you ever thought if your company would have the possibility to reach the global market? Now you can. The internet is the cheapest way to be able to introduce your business nationally and internationally so as to enable transactions.

Of course, to reach global market, you need to have an attractive website so people will be interested, at least to visit your website. A good LinkHelpers Phoenix Web Design is one of the most important things to attract visitor for your business web. Since creating an attractive website is hard, moreover if you don’t have the skill or experience to create a good web design.


Promotion of Your Services and Selling Your Products

Promote your services as Lawyers, Doctors, financial consultants, entertainers, brokers and all other service businesses, so customers will know that they have other choices and your chances are the choice. Millions of internet users and companies will use the website before making big decisions when they need special services.

Why do you pay expensive rent, overtime, electricity bills and all other costs and you only have a coal and cement business? Selling in cyberspace is much cheaper and profitable, this is a good way to complement your offline business. How to order online is also safe and inexpensive to be affordable even for small businesses.


Website is your Online Brochure / Catalog

A website …